Monday, September 1, 2008

My Obsession...

So alright, I have this one obsession. So what? What I'd like to know is: who in their right mind doesn't obsess about this? What am I talking about? Any guesses?! G'on... take a pot-shot. Make a wild guess. Need a hint?

Yeah. I'm talking about money... wealth. Something that brings smiles - along with a big parcel of troubles. That which always, always, seems to be less - no matter how much of it you possess. That which is dear to everyone, sometimes even superceding family and friends. That which every individual yearns after wanting it to stay with them. Alas. Like similar poles, I always repel wealth. Damn. Why does that always happen with me ?!!

I once squandered an entire day pondering over two questions: "How do I enhance my prosperity?" and then, "How do I get my freaking bank balance to overflow?" I thought they were really interesting questions. From pondering this, I proceeded to have a daydream. There I was, this female version of Richie Rich, no! Uncle Scrooge. I was taking a ride on this motorised mini cart in one of my immense mine- like vaults filled with gold, old masters, immense piles of jewels. Everywhere I looked I was confronted by immense wealth. Hmmm.... it was soothing... refreshing... relaxing. Truly noble thoughts.

So... does prosperity really lie in waiting for everyone? In this age of lifestyle gurus many suggest that you close your eyes and visualise whatever you want and you're sure to get it. I wonder about this. How is it even remotely possible? Just imagine - I sit in a dark, quiet corner of my house, close my eyes and visualise that I am playing with snowballs on the Swiss Alps. Or that I am rappeling down the sheer Dover cliffs. No... I'm scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reefs. Just then this gigantic octopus comes up and grabs me in its tentacles. I grapple and fight with it and claw my way desperately up to the surface of the ocean gasping for breath. My eyes spring open ! Thank God !! Whew !!! I'm in the safety of my home safely ensconced on my sofa. No more closing my eyes and visualising ! Enough is enough...

So what went wrong with my dream? I realised that while walking along the positive path I tripped and fell on the negative one. So then, damnit, how do I achieve what I want? How does my bank balance overflow?!

Thinking is the first step towards achieving. The subconcious mind needs to be trained to believe that one deserves to be happy and successful. Often we only grouse, complain and remain morose so that is what is ingrained in our subconcious. Once it learns to be happy, man, there is no holding or turning back. To my way of thinking, leastways.

Happiness, satisfaction, success, prosperity - all of this is connected. Much like the cogs of my grandfather's wrist watch. And the winder is one's thought process. The task is to think about what one wants for the self. Once the thought is there, it pushes the next wheel which in turn pushes the next one. The entire mechanism is set in motion, gains momentum and soon you will be happy.

But the most important factor here is that one must have a totally positive outlook towards prosperity. If you're only dwelling on the thought on how empty your cup is rather than filled then only the negative wheels move. Prosperity is basically in our minds rather than our bank balances. Some people are happy with their meagre belongings while others have no peace of mind from running after more. You just have to feel happy about whatever you do have.

Yup! It's true. Everything that glitters is not gold. Yearning for more will just keep you running throughout your life, whereas counting your blessings will give you the satisfaction and stability to carry on with your lot. It is the key that makes you see the silver lining to every cloud.
So.... my bank balance is over flowing - with spiritual stability.


Ps said...

I agree with you more than a hundred percent!
I had written a post about money on similar lines--its there somewhere in my archives.
Thanks for the comments you have been leaving.I have replied too (or at least i thought I did!!)
Preeti (Just a mother of two)

mia_adam said...

Woohoooo!!! Thnx ever so much for dropping by, Preeti!! I am now the proud possessor of a comment on my post. :-)
Aww.. I thoroughly enjoy your posts, so it's the least I can do to let you know. And not your fault. I couldn't remember which of your posts I had left a comment on. LOL