Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Another Random Thought

Ok, it was another mundane day. There we all were sitting morosely wondering what to do as there were torrential rains pouring down. Then I got up to prowl the house restlessly as I was getting real fidgety. I passed by my eldest son’s room only to hear him mumbling. I knocked on the door and questioned him, “Are you talking to anybody? Is someone with you?”
“No, mom, no one, I was just talking to myself. Nothing to worry about”, was the response from his room. For a moment I thought it my right and duty to walk in and find out what was the matter with him. But second thoughts stopped me right in my tracks. Who was I to interrupt his privacy? Even I had running conversations with myself. The conversations go on and on for hours on end.

So I opted to settle down with my thoughts and a cup of tea. And it became all too apparent to me that we cannot stop talking to ourselves. It is impossible to stay incommunicado from one’s self. You have the liberty to talk to yourself any way you want to. Right from praising to pampering, patting to punishing, in a totally unique style that is all yours alone.
A galaxy of options came up at lightening speed. I had more reasons to talk to myself. The act of talking to self is so spontaneous that it starts even before we wake up as a continuation of our dreams. All it requires is any silly, daft topic or any event to start self- dialogue. It doesn’t come to an end when we fall asleep either. At times we are so clear about the dream we had in the morning and the endless dialogue we carried on in the entire time span. It would seem like we hold conversations with ourselves for at least 20 hours in the day. Amazing!! Yet, we still complain about not having enough time for ourselves or to our self!!!

I know one thing for sure. There is no one that can hide anything from the other side of our self. If I am worried about something, it is the other side of me that helps me to find the solutions, means and methods. Consulting others is only for confirmation that the right path or option has been chosen. Every decision on every issue is taken after weighing all the pros and cons in grinding conversations with self. Some thoughts and conversations are so weird or so extremely personal that others can tell just by looking at your expressions but are too much for you to share them with anyone.

Try observing anyone when they are alone. Are they really by themselves? No. They are busy holding conversations with their selves. At times they are grinning like loons as a result of the funny thoughts or a joke belatedly understood. A grumpy face tells another story. Maybe the boss is unsatisfied; or, a good, loud argument, at the traffic lights. Some of the sitcoms or reality shows on TV give exemplary displays of self-dialogue and the resulting compliments or bombardments. Eminent personalities impress with their speeches and supply us with grist for self-talking.

Self-dialogue is totally personal and self-taught. The style and language is totally unique. It is free flowing chatter attached to your system from birth. There are no restrictions to the topics or line of conversation. A good healthy dialogue with one’s self is a much better solution than asking anyone else for solutions on how to handle our affairs or to take decisions for us. It is God’s gift that has been showered on every individual. Does any other man-made gadget offer us the same satisfaction?

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